Detectify | Meet the Hacker - Fredrik Nordberg Almroth

Detectify | Meet the Hacker - Fredrik Nordberg Almroth

Jul 16, 2018

Our second Meet The Hacker episode features none other than Fredrik Almroth, one of our founding security researchers and Head of Engineering! Some of you may know him as @almroot!

At the office Fredrik is heading up our team to keep all Detectify’s users secure and our tool awesome. Out of office, he’s participating in high-profiled bug bounty programs and white hat hacking his way to help make the internet safer.

In this video Fredrik shares best practices for both companies and ethical hackers about the following:

  • What tools help make everyone in the company more secure?
  • Besides an incidence response plan, what are best practices IT teams and developers need now?
  • How does Fredrik approach a target & what motivates him?
  • Bug bounty or responsibility disclosure - which is more important for a company to implement?