Datadog on Security and Compliance

Datadog on Security and Compliance

May 5, 2021

At Datadog, customer trust and data security are of the utmost importance.

As a high growth company, navigating the tradeoffs of security and development agility are especially critical. Our customers expect us to continually improve our platform, while providing a compliant, secure environment for their most critical data. Balance is key to rolling out features rapidly and keeping systems secure.

In this episode of Datadog on, join Kirk Kaiser and Andrew Spangler, Team Lead for Information Security, as he shares how Datadog approaches compliance in a multi cloud, multi region, and multi security level environment.

We’ll discuss how Andrew and his team encourage organization compliance collaboration across teams, while still giving space for teams to get their work done. We’ll touch upon some tools enabling automated security and compliance, and discuss strategies and organizational challenges that apply to multi-cloud.