Convos with Customers: Vanta x ResoluteAI

Convos with Customers: Vanta x ResoluteAI

Feb 15, 2023

Join us for Vanta’s most recent Convos with Customers episode, where Eléonore Dixon-Roche, Senior Product Manager at ResoluteAI, explains how Vanta helped her step outside of her role and take on managing security and compliance for her company.

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:01 Intro
:20 What does ResoluteAI do?

3:15 How many people work at ResoluteAI?

3:20 Why do you own compliance as a Senior Product Manager?

4:20 How did you find out about Vanta? Why were you seeking a compliance solution?

5:40 How has your experience been using Vanta so far as someone with limited experience in security?

7:00 How did you leverage Vanta for HR related matters?

8:50 What was your experience going through your first audit?

10:50 What is next for compliance at ResoluteAI?

11:40 What should Vanta build next?

14:00 Outro