Astra Customer Case Study - Zenduty Review

Astra Customer Case Study - Zenduty Review

Aug 30, 2023

Zenduty is a business critical application used by some of the top engineering teams across the world. When it comes to continuous Pentest, Zenduty trusts Astra’s platform. See what Ankur, (CTO & co-founder of Zenduty) has to say about their experience with Astra 🤝

About Zenduty:

Zenduty started in 2019 to help modern SRE, DevOps, Infra and Support Teams with end-to-end incident alerting and response orchestration. They have built “a single pane of glass view on production health” removing all the friction we usually associate with incident response. The platform also eases up post incident management and stakeholder communications.

Timeline of the video:

00:01 Zenduty Introduction

01:03 Zenduty CTO, talking about security being priority

01:19 Working with Astra Security

01:27 Talking about the important features and experience with Astra Pentest

01:44 Recommending Astra Pentest to other business

01:50 Zenduty company overview

02:12 Zenduty loves Astra Security

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