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Data Leaks

Netskope Modern DLP

"Netskope Modern DLP" sounds good. Description: Hybrid work and the upsurge in cloud adoption demand an updated approach to data protection, one that ensures your sensitive data stays protected anywhere it goes with high precision. Netskope modern data loss prevention (DLP) provides the highest degree of data protection efficacy, powered by machine learning, and is delivered from the cloud across all cloud services, all business communications and everywhere your users are.

NBA Fan Data Was Recently Exposed By a Third-Party Data Breach

The NBA is a national sports league that manages many different leagues under its umbrella of organizations. The league has the NBA 2K League, NBA, Basketball Africa League, the WNBA, and the NBA G League. Each of these different organizations trusts the company with their information, and each one could have been exposed in the recent data leak by the company.


Weekly Cybersecurity Recap March 17

Cyber attacks are targeted at significant organizations, and this week is an excellent reminder that medical facilities aren't safe. Along with AT&T and Minneapolis Schools, three different medical establishments were hit and suffered from a loss of information in one way or another. Zoll, a Medical device and technologies company suffered staggering losses, while Cerebral gave up mental health information and Lawrence General Hospital lost HIPAA-protected information.


More than 1 Million Patients with Zoll Medical Were Exposed by Data Leak

Zoll is a medical device and technologies company that offers its services to EMS, fire professionals, and rescuers. Even the U.S. Military relies on technologies from the company in order to save lives. Zoll recently suffered from a cyber attack that may have exposed over 1 million individuals. The attack happened fast and was coordinated by an unknown group, and we still don't have all the specific details yet.


Cerebral Unintentionally Leaks Patient Data to Google, Meta, and TikTok

Cerebral is an online mental health company that's attempting to bring mental health care to patients around the country virtually. The company deals with tens of thousands of patients, and we've just learned that many of those patients may have had their information exposed to companies like Meta, Google, and TikTok. Cerebral is a startup company, and unfortunately, it isn't that unusual for startups to suffer from data issues such as this one.


Over 9 Million AT&T Customers Exposed in Recent Cyber Attack

AT&T is a massive telecommunications company with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company is known as the largest telecommunications company in the world according to its revenue, and it is the third-largest mobile phone service provider in the United States. The company recently suffered an attack that exposed some of its customer data to hackers and may have put customers at risk. The attack wasn't on AT&T directly but on one of the company's external marketing vendors instead.