SecureAge Technology launches CatchPulse software for complete protection against malware

SecureAge Technology launches CatchPulse software for complete protection against malware

10 May 2022 – SecureAge Technology, a global data security and endpoint protection company, has announced the launch of CatchPulse. Previously known as SecureAPlus, this proven malware prevention software features advanced AI, multiple cloud-based anti-viral engines, an easy to use 'block first' approach based on application control and a new and enhanced user interface.

CatchPulse provides always-on, real-time protection to catch threats by simply blocking all unauthorised applications, processes or scripts from executing. It helps organisations stay one step ahead of unknown threats and offers a simple and intuitive experience for users of all levels, from novice home users to IT professionals.

"At SecureAge we have always believed that people should not have to become cybersecurity experts to protect their personal devices and companies," says Dr Ngair Teow Hin, Founder and CEO of SecureAge. "While many AI systems can catch some threats, some of the time, CatchPulse is designed for the unknown – such as WannaCry and more recently REvil and Maze, which caught everyone off-guard. At SecureAge, we successfully protect governments, enterprises and home users across the globe from being blindsided by malware attacks."

The CatchPulse improved interface is designed for all types of customers. Non-tech savvy home users can leave Auto-Protect on for automated protection by the AI and supporting cloud-based anti-viral engines, while tech-savvy users can turn Auto-Protect off for interactive and informed decision making through customised recommendations. Those with advanced know-how can continue to dive into features for customised security.

Customised recommendations include informed security prompts to aid decision-making when Auto-Protect is off or in the face of the unknown. Severity level indicators show the threat status with supporting references and Recommended Actions ensures users are well-informed in making decisions when they need to.

The CatchPulse cloud management portal serves as the central hub for enterprise users to keep track of security across all registered devices. The multi-layered dashboard presents the overall security status so power users won't lose any time manoeuvring through deeper features and functions.

CatchPulse for Windows is available now in three versions. CatchPulse Lite is a slim version that offers the CatchPulse AI and antiviral engines absolutely free of charge. CatchPulse is the complete home version that adds the 'block first' approach based on application control with supporting cloud-based anti-viral engines, while CatchPulse Pro is the enterprise version that supports the cloud management portal. To mark the launch of CatchPulse, SecureAge Technology is offering existing SecureAPlus users discounted promotions and licence extensions when migrating by 31 August 2022.

Find out more about the home user benefits here: For existing enterprise users, please reach out to our sales team at for assistance with the transition process. For more information on SecureAge please visit:

About CatchPulse

CatchPulse protects Windows home devices, enterprises and governments across the globe from the increasing number of security threats, without forcing anyone to become a cybersecurity expert. What makes CatchPulse different is the combination of an award-winning AI supported by multiple cloud-based antiviral engines with a 'block first' approach based on application control. CatchPulse catches those unknown threats others miss.

About SecureAge Technology

SecureAge Technology is a rapidly growing data security company that places security and usability on equal footing. Headquartered in Singapore, SecureAge is trusted by governments, research institutes and forward-thinking organisations to protect them from the most advanced and persistent cyber threats. What makes SecureAge different, is that it has built a reputation for data-centric and intuitive security solutions that protect data not only when it is stored, but also when it is in use and in transit. This is achieved by holding a strong reign on the belief that users shouldn't have to become cybersecurity experts to escape data liabilities. Instead, encryption should be inherent, invisible and instinctive. To protect data when it is most vulnerable, security must take place at the file level, operate silently in the background and support the way in which people collaborate. That's why SecureAge users can divert their resources to focus on other challenges and enjoy 100% file-level security, every file, every place and every time. For more information visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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