Ensure a secure IT environment with integrated network vulnerability management

Ensure a secure IT environment with integrated network vulnerability management

NIST's National Vulnerability Database shows a quintuple increase in attacks against firmware in the last four years. These statistics indicate that cyber criminals have continually improved their techniques in penetrating your network via firmware vulnerabilities.

To combat these malicious actions, let's first discuss the components that are vulnerable to these attacks.

What are network devices and why are they important?

Switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points, and integrated access devices are network devices that form the backbone of your IT framework. These are essential in every enterprise network as they serve as the bridge for communication.

Defining firmware vulnerabilities

Cyberactors try to penetrate your network in various ways. When your security posture is strong and cannot be affected by phishing campaigns, malicious email attachments, ransomware attacks, etc, cybercriminals strive to uncover a loophole you might have forgotten to secure.

The loophole that's been given the least focus in your organization is often the security of network devices. These can be attacked by firmware vulnerabilities through credential hacking, vulnerabilities due to the usage of outdated technology, etc.

According to a study by Microsoft, more than 80% of enterprises have experienced at least one firmware attack in the past three years. Attacks are often caused by penetrating the enterprise network via network devices. As network devices do not have proper vulnerability checks in place, remediation from such attacks is difficult and it gives the threat actors far more incentive to launch network device-based attacks.

The next obvious question is: How do you secure your network devices?

With ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus, you can easily detect firmware vulnerabilities and anomalies in your enterprise network with a swift agentless approach. 

Three simple steps help fortify your network:

1/ Discover network devices present in your network.

2/ Scan the network devices to detect vulnerabilities.

3/ Remediate and manage network devices efficiently.

It's important to stay ahead of zero-day attacks and critical vulnerabilities detected in your network devices by mitigating them immediately. To learn more about managing firmware vulnerabilities in your network, visit here.

Vulnerability Manager Plus secures your network devices and provides an all-in-one, multi-OS security solution to fortify your endpoints across your enterprise network. It identifies and remediates vulnerabilities in an instant across multiple platforms.

Vulnerability Manager Plus delivers a wide range of security features such as security misconfiguration management, automated patching, high-risk software audit, active port audit, zero-day vulnerabilities detection, CIS compliance, and more.

Click here to learn how Vulnerability Manager Plus provides the right solution to secure your entire network. To explore on your own, download a free, 30-day trial. You can also schedule a free, personalized demo to receive answers to your product questions from one of our solution experts.