EndaceFlow Seamlessly Integrates NetFlow with Always-On Packet Capture for Faster Incident Response and Increased Network Visibility

EndaceFlow Seamlessly Integrates NetFlow with Always-On Packet Capture for Faster Incident Response and Increased Network Visibility

By Endace
Nov 8, 2022
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AUCKLAND, New Zealand, LONDON, UK and AUSTIN, Texas – November 8, 2022 – Packet capture authority Endace today announced EndaceFlow™, a high-performance NetFlow Generator that promotes end-to-end visibility for cybersecurity and network performance monitoring. NetFlow offers a high-level view of network traffic and other information, while continuous packet capture provides detail and granularity of that data. Together, the technologies deliver the information required for faster, definitive incident response and resolution.

When integrated with the EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platform and EndaceVision™, EndaceFlow delivers these crucial benefits to customers:

· A 100% accurate summary of every conversation or flow on your network with 1:1 unsampled NetFlow generation for all packet data;

· Matchless full-stream performance on even the fastest networks, generating 1:1 unsampled NetFlow from 40Gbps of network traffic;

· Removes the heavy burden of generating NetFlow from switches, routers, and firewalls and avoids compromising the efficiency and core functions of these appliances;

· Secure, with optional TLS encrypted NetFlow generation;

· Compatible with leading NetFlow collectors, including Plixer Scrutinizer™, Progress Flowmon®, Cisco Secure Network Analytics® (formerly Cisco Stealthwatch®), and others

Read the EndaceFlow datasheet here: endaceflow-datasheet.pdf  

"Teams need to see both the network summary and the transaction details when responding to incidents. Combining 1:1 unsampled NetFlow with the granular data of continuous packet capture empowers SecOps and NetOps teams to more quickly and accurately uncover network or performance trends, identify and respond to threats and network issues," said Cary Wright, Endace VP of product. "Being able to quickly identify, and then go directly to the packets of interest, gives teams an advantage against network attacks."

EndaceFlow is available to customers from November through Endace sales and the company's network of solution and channel providers. Contact sales@endace.com

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