DataQube Global partners with cyber security experts KryptoKloud Ltd

DataQube Global partners with cyber security experts KryptoKloud Ltd

Aug 16, 2021
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Cambridge UK 16th August. DataQube Global Ltd, developer of a breakthrough, 5G-ready edge data centre system, has teamed up with KryptoKloud Ltd, an award-winning cyber intelligence and MSSP provider, to safeguard its invaluable edge computing assets against cybercrime. The collaboration assures heightened protection for the already robust DataQube units by delivering around the clock detection and response monitoring capabilities that can be managed locally or centrally via an intuitive and resilient interface.

By incorporating KryptoKloud's next-generation security monitoring tools (which leverage darknet intelligence) into DataQube's core infrastructure, all data communication is dynamically monitored 24x7 to proactively identify possible security breaches. If any malicious activity is detected, an alert is triggered, together with a comprehensive escalation process for damage limitation and control.

In addition to providing around the clock monitoring and cyber security defence, KryptoKloud is supporting DataQube in setting up its own Network Operations Centre (NOC) and a Security Operation Centre (SOC) at the company's campus in Cambridge to ensure the highest levels of protection are maintained. Both facilities will be operated by a team of highly trained security professionals employed by DataQube.

"As IoT and automation gain momentum so do the risks of cybercrime, which can lead to serious security breaches or worse," says David Keegan CEO of DataQube. "This is why we have chosen KryptoKloud as our preferred security partner. The company's world class software proactively monitors all deployed DataQube units 24x7. If a threat is detected, an alert is triggered in line so action can be taken and a full audit trail is generated for traceability and accountability, offering peace of mind to our customers."

"We're delighted to have partnered with DataQube as their breakthrough system will be a game changer for the Data Centre industry," says Paul Burrows of KryptoKloud Ltd. "DataQube's ability to replicate hyperscale-grade capabilities at the edge of the network in a standalone, person-free unit will be pivotal to the widescale rollout of smart applications and autonomous tech, and our award-winning cyberoperational capabilities will ensure all captured and other assets date are fully protected 24x7."

DataQube has recently deployed a fully operational unit at its campus in Cambridge. Contact the company today to see how this novel solution addresses edge computing challenges through a series of practical demonstrations.

About KryptoKloud

KryptoKloud is an independent cyber operations and intelligence company based at the Boole Technology Centre, Lincoln. Established in 2016, KryptoKloud has grown from a small cyber security consultancy to an operations-focussed business providing cyber security monitoring services and data privacy guidance to a range of customers in the UK and across the world. Clients include leading international pharmaceuticals, global logistics organisations, renewable energy experts, defence manufacturers, care providers and local charities. KryptoKloud also provides a cyber capability to a Lloyds of London Cyber Insurance body and provides cyber due diligence capacity for a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment organisation.

About DataQube

Founded by a syndicate of industry experts, DataQube has developed an innovative and scalable edge data centre system that can be deployed internally or externally within a six-month timeframe and for 50% less cost than conventional systems. DataQube is the perfect infrastructure answer to the growing demand for local edge data centres.