Cybersecurity's Inner Circle Breaks Down the Issue of MSPs Auditing Their Own Work

Cybersecurity's Inner Circle Breaks Down the Issue of MSPs Auditing Their Own Work

A New Perspective on an Old Debate

The cybersecurity realm is a constant battleground where the old and the new continuously clash, and one of the most recent debates centers around Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their tendency to audit their work. Enter three seasoned cybersecurity mavens - Blake Schwank from Colorado Computer Support, Robert Giannini from GiaSpace, and Ashu Bhoot from Orion Networks - who recently provided an in-depth perspective on this pivotal topic.

Schwank Weighs In: The Inherent Bias Issue

Blake Schwank, a respected figure in the MSP space, points to an inherent bias accompanying self-auditing. "From our experiences at Colorado Computer Support," Schwank states, "we've noted that MSPs often overlook or downplay potential network vulnerabilities. This, unfortunately, is an unintended by-product of their efforts to respond to the increasing need for robust cybersecurity measures."

Giannini Explores the Bias

Robert Giannini from GiaSpace delves deeper into this issue, stressing the consequences of unchecked bias within the MSP community. "MSPs are usually generous in their self-rating, often turning a blind eye to significant network security issues. Instead of viewing gaps as vulnerabilities, they perceive them as opportunities for selling services or products," Giannini explains. He underscores that this self-serving attitude can be detrimental to the actual security of the network.

The Orion Networks’ Stand: Mistakes and Overlooks

Ashu Bhoot of Orion Networks lends his voice to the conversation, recognizing that mistakes are an inescapable part of the process. "MSPs are not immune to oversights and missteps, especially in the rapid-paced digital environment. Many of these 'shortcuts' are simply things that get overlooked amidst daily operations," Bhoot admits.

The Consensus: Enlisting a Third-Party Auditor

All three professionals unanimously agree on the solution: incorporating an independent cybersecurity consultant into the auditing process. They emphasize the benefits of an impartial assessment, which offers a detailed analysis of computer systems and overall security and provides practical advice on investing in the right security solutions and tools.

Final Thoughts: The Cybersecurity Universe

Drawing from their experiences at Colorado Computer Support, GiaSpace, and Orion Networks, each of these experts is acutely aware of the dynamic nature of the cybersecurity field. They remind us that vigilance is paramount, and prioritizing independent, robust cybersecurity practices cannot be overstated.

In closing, this joint perspective provided by Schwank, Giannini, and Bhoot offers a timely reminder for MSPs and other organizations: maintaining unbiased audits is key to staying ahead in the ever-changing cybersecurity universe.