Trustwave: Prepare for What's Next: Cybersecurity Trend Predictions for 2023 & Beyond

Trustwave: Prepare for What's Next: Cybersecurity Trend Predictions for 2023 & Beyond


In recent years, the cybersecurity industry has evolved at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, so has the modern threat actor. With advanced ransomware gangs, complex cyberwarfare campaigns, and new risks stemming from remote work, organizations around the world are constantly being targeted. As global cyber defenders, we are hyper-focused on understanding these threats and helping to predict what may be coming next.

By analyzing data patterns, the latest threat intelligence, the path of legislation, and the evolving needs of organizations as they continue their digital transformation, we can make informed recommendations about where we need to focus our efforts as a cyber community in the coming year.

In this session, Trustwave security experts Ed Williams, VP of SpiderLabs Pentesting, and Jesse Emerson, VP of Global Solution Architecture and Engineering, will share their thoughts on what 2023 might have in store for the cybersecurity industry and how we can best prepare for the next evolution of the fight against cybercriminals. A brief preview of a few of the predictions that will be discussed:

  • How economic pressures will change cybersecurity spend and priorities
  • How cyberwarfare will be used in modern conflicts and how that may impact global organizations
  • How the continued adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by many security vendors will create new challenges for cybercriminals
  • How ransomware attacks will continue to grow, both in numbers and in their financial impact
  • How organizations can build a renewed focus on getting back to basics to improve their security posture