Trustwave: 5 Tips for Safeguarding Your SD-WAN

Trustwave: 5 Tips for Safeguarding Your SD-WAN


SD-WAN continues to see rapid adoption by enterprises due to improved network performance, reduced costs and dependence on expensive routing technologies, and increased agility for changing business needs through automation.

However, the encryption and firewall capabilities inherent to SD-WAN are insufficient, and typical security solutions don’t address some of the risks specific to SD-WAN environments. Enterprises can remain vulnerable to unsecured network connections, vulnerable endpoints, configuration errors, and most importantly, a lack of visibility to monitor & detect threats in real-time, to name a few.

During this webinar, Darren Van Booven, Trustwave SpiderLabs Lead Principal Consultant, will be focusing on the proactive security measures crucial to keeping your organization’s SD-WAN secure. Join us on February 28th as we dive deeper into:

  • The risks of SD-WAN, how to identify them, and strategies to address them
  • The importance of taking a zero-trust approach to your security
  • Autonomous networking