Tripwire: Simplify Healthcare Compliance with HITRUST & Tripwire

Tripwire: Simplify Healthcare Compliance with HITRUST & Tripwire


Trying to keep up with managing multiple standards like HIPAA, PCI and NIST simultaneously? The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) takes the guesswork out of compliance for healthcare organizations by incorporating common standards like these into one comprehensive, overarching framework.

Standards are always changing, and HITRUST compliance keeps your organization continuously up-to-date on each of the frameworks you adhere to. And for analytics provider selling into the healthcare market, having HITRUST compliance increases credibility and marketability. Many organizations already know that attempting to adhere to HITRUST CSF using manual methods negates the benefits, as this drains resources and increases the chances of error. Tripwire is one of only two cybersecurity providers to have partnered with HITRUST for the automated reinforcement of CSF compliance. This partnership can help you:

  • Quickly achieve and maintain compliance, including audit-ready proof of compliance
  • Accurately align with the HITRUST CSF with Tripwire’s HITRUST-certified mapping
  • Keep up with new HITRUST CSF versions while strengthening your cybersecurity posture

Join us for a special healthcare cybersecurity webcast on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020. You’ll learn all about how Tripwire’s automated HITRUST CSF compliance can simplify the compliance process for your organization and get the opportunity to take part in an expert-led Q&A. We hope you can join us!