Teleport: Introducing Teleport 4.3 - A Modern Replacement for OpenSSH

Teleport: Introducing Teleport 4.3 - A Modern Replacement for OpenSSH


We’re excited to announce the release of Teleport 4.3 - new UI, API driven, expanded audit capabilities, and still open source! To mark the occasion, Gravitational DevOps Engineer, Gus Luxton, will be leading a demo of Teleport’s newest iteration and will take part in a Q&A. Come learn about the latest features and remember to bring your questions.

Features included in release:

  • Brand New Web UI. The updated user interface is finally bringing the Web UI to feature parity with the command-line (CLI) client.
  • Cluster View allows users to see all clouds and computing environments in one place.
  • Audit Log View allows administrators to see what’s going on with a detailed view of all security events, not just recorded sessions.
  • The API. Our users have been requesting this for a very long time! We are starting with a plugin API to allow Teleport administrators to customize how user permissions are elevated and we’re providing Slack and PagerDuty integrations out of the box.

For even more details about bug fixes, improvements, and documentation updates, be sure to check out the Github Milestone. As always, we encourage you to download and try out Teleport. Your feedback is welcome and highly valuable.

Register below to see Teleport 4.3 in all its glory and remember - bring your questions with you!

See you soon,

The Gravitational Team