Outpost 24: Webinar: Mastering container security in modern day DevOps

Outpost 24: Webinar: Mastering container security in modern day DevOps


With increasing numbers of container breaches being reported in the news and hackers looking to spot new exploits in Docker and Kubernetes – how do you secure the application, the containers, and the host itself? In the modern world of DevOps where speed and efficiency are king as deadlines tighten and customer demands grow, it’s important to ensure vulnerabilities hidden in containers are addressed and associated risks are mitigated early in the SDLC to prevent security issues (and time and cost fixing them) down the line.

Join our webinar as our cloud security expert examines the security challenges that come with container adoption and unpack the key steps required to integrate and automate container assessment into the DevOps cycle to help developers build and deploy cloud native apps at speed whilst keeping one eye on security.

What you'll learn

  • How containers have become a vital organ for DevOps and the hidden risks
  • Common Docker and Kubernetes vulnerabilities to be aware of
  • Steps to secure containers through workload protection and configuration assessment
  • Secure SDLC and DevSecOps: automating and integrating container security assessment to spot vulnerabilities before moving into production
  • Application security and container hardening best practice to secure your applications from end to end