Outpost 24: Live webinar: How to protect your organization from credential theft

Outpost 24: Live webinar: How to protect your organization from credential theft


Cybercriminals love leaked credentials and can often appear on the dark web as valuable loot as a result of a data breach of an application’s database. It’s becoming more common and challenging for security pros to prevent credential leakage thanks to the large volume of applications and lack of actionable threat intelligence linked to your organization to apply the correct security controls.

Identifying and managing leaked credentials doesn't need to be difficult. In this webinar, our experts will take you through some best practice tips you can implement to prevent this costing your business in the years to come.

What you'll learn

  • The credential theft lifecycle explained to profiting
  • Why cybercriminals love leaked credentials and how they are traded on the dark web
  • Where to find leaked credentials with threat intel and EASM to spot vulnerabilities in your applications
  • How to use threat intelligence to automate leaked credential discovery and triage
  • Application security best practice tools and techniques to secure your applications from emerging cyber attacks

Vicente Martin

VP of Product at Blueliv Vicente Martin has a BA degree in Marketing and a Masters in Ethical Hacking and has extensive experience in product management and presales engineering in cyber security and threat intelligence. Vicente is vastly experienced in using the Blueliv platform and shares his technical knowledge and understanding of the complex threat landscape with customers and peers. Vicente has spoken at many industry leading cyber security conferences in Spain including Securmatica and Cyberdefense Day.

Stephane Konarkowski

Senior Security Consultant

Stephane has over 15 years’ experience in cyber security assessment and vulnerability management including 3 years at Barclays as a Security Assessment Specialist. Stephane’s expertise spans across design and deployment for vulnerability management programs within large and diverse environments and he uses this industry knowledge to train security professionals on operational systems and controls for successful enrollment of Outpost24 solutions across multi-platform environments.