Outpost 24: Keeping your External Attack Surface Under Control

Outpost 24: Keeping your External Attack Surface Under Control


You can't stop the expansion of your external attack surface, but you can identify unknown assets and their vulnerabilities to mitigate the security risk. External attack surfaces expand due to modern software development practices, mergers and acquisitions, the adoption of multi-cloud strategies and much more.

Many organizations find it difficult to monitor these changes and end up leaving themselves vulnerable to the 'unknown unknowns' - potential backdoors that can lead to a breach.

External attack surface management (EASM) is a way to discover and track external-facing assets that may be potential breach-points into your organization’s network. EASM helps organizations create an accurate inventory of their internet-facing assets and vulnerabilities before it can be exploited - the first step in effectively defending against attacks. From there, security teams can continually monitor their external attack surface and prioritize their remediation efforts.

Join our webinar - Keeping Your External Attack Surface Under Control - on Thursday 21st September at 3pm CEST to learn how modern organizations use EASM to:

• Discover shadow IT and unknown, external assets connected to your organization

• Identify common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in exposed assets

• Score your vulnerability exposure and prioritize what needs to be fixed first

• Continuously monitor the attack surface for new vulnerabilities introduced by exposed assets or configuration changes

• Compliment vulnerability assessment and threat intelligence tools in a broader threat exposure management program

At the end of this webinar, attendees receive an invitation to a personalized evaluation of their external attack surface