Devo: Threat Hunting Reimagined

Devo: Threat Hunting Reimagined


It's Time to Enjoy the Hunt!

Threat hunting is a challenging, complex and time consuming exploratory activity. Threat hunters must explore, prioritize & investigate threats, gather data with context, connect disparate pieces of data, and conduct rapid and relevant analysis. Unfortunately today's tools get in the way and prevent the analyst from doing what they do best - hunt threats.

Join our webinar and see firsthand how threat hunting teams can realize their full potential. With Devo, threat hunters can:

  • Analyze real-time streaming and historical data at petabyte scale
  • Experience unbelievably fast performance - analyzing over 1M events per second per core
  • Collect and connect all relevant data sets for richer context
  • Enrich data that's essential for hunts with high-fidelity threat feeds curated by practitioners
  • Be as creative as they want with their detective work

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