Appknox: How an insecure mobile app can tarnish your company's reputation

Appknox: How an insecure mobile app can tarnish your company's reputation


Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape is highly challenging. Attackers are constantly on the lookout to exploit security vulnerabilities in applications and systems to gain access to or control sensitive information and launch cyberattacks such as ransomware.

With companies spreading sensitive data across different platforms, software as a service (SaaS) platforms, containers, service providers, and even various cloud platforms, it’s essential that they begin to take a more proactive approach to security.

This means integrating security as a core part of the development process, shifting security to the left, and automating your infrastructure as much as possible to leave behind inefficient, time-consuming, and expensive tactics. One of the most basic aspects of building strong security is maintaining security configuration.

With the help of this webinar, we aim to help enterprises build safe and secure mobile apps that garner trust. The webinar will help you prevent sensitive data loss and infrastructure exposure, resulting in fraud, reputation damage, and regulatory penalties.

You’ll learn

  • How insecure apps results in downfall and how to educate and train your employees on the importance of security configurations and how they can impact the overall security of the organization.
  • How a common security misconfiguration is leaving insecure sensitive data in the database without proper authentication controls and access to the open internet.
  • The impact of a security misconfiguration has far-reaching consequences that can impact the overall security of your organization. Despite the fact that you may have implemented security controls, you need to regularly track and analyze your entire infrastructure for potential security vulnerabilities that may have arisen due to misconfigurations.
  • How to help your organization discover and fix compliance, privacy, and security issues within the development process before you ship your apps.
  • How to protect the source code, intellectual property (IP), and data from potential attacks like reverse engineering and code tampering.
  • Deploy a repeatable hardening process that makes it easy and fast to deploy another environment that is properly configured. The development, production, and QA environments should all be configured identically, but with different passwords used in each environment. Automate this process to reduce the effort required to set up a new secure environment.