Women In Cyber Security | Razorwire Podcast

Women In Cyber Security | Razorwire Podcast

We're back with another episode of the Razorwire Podcast!

In our new episode, we're going to talk about women in cyber security.

As part of this, I've invited three fantastic women on this podcast who are leaders in their fields. Firstly, we have Megan Brown, our guest host for this episode. Megan is currently Head of International Sales at LogicGate.

Megan’s guests today may be familiar to you from previous episodes: Stefania Chaplin, a solutions architect at GitHub, and Claire Davies, CISO at Arriva Group.

They discuss how they got into the cyber security space, the challenges they faced, what the differences are for women working in a traditionally male industry today compared to when they began their careers, and the role their mentors played in their journey, as well as how we see the industry and the landscape changing for women in tech.

Megan, Stefania and Claire share their perspective on how jobs and expectations within cyber security are changing. They also tell us about the challenges of working in cyber security, how to overcome them and what brings the most joy to their work. The episode provides a glimpse into cyber security from a female perspective, and I hope you enjoy it.

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In this episode, we covered the following topics:

  • The career journey of three women at different career stages and within different areas of cybersecurity
  • The path that led them to their current position
  • How have mentors or allies helped them in their careers?
  • What changes have they seen in the industry compared to when they began?
  • What changes are happening to the work culture in cyber security and jobs in general?
  • What is the most challenging aspect of working in cyber security today, and what is the most enjoyable?


Claire Davies MBE

– Director of Group Information Security, Arriva PLC UK

Claire has over 30 years of experience in intelligence and security. She cut her teeth within the UK military, where she enjoyed a globe-trotting career identifying, assessing, exploiting and ultimately defeating the threat to the security of assets posed by those engaged in terrorism, espionage, sabotage and subversion.

More recently, she leads a team of information security and data protection professionals within Arriva Group. She is particularly passionate about creating momentum around increased awareness of the cyber threat across the industry, mentoring new recruits into the field (so she can retire) and helping to fly the flag in providing a safe and trusted public transport network.

Stefania Chaplain

  • a Solutions Architect within DevSecOps

Stefania’s (aka @DevStefOps) experience as a Solutions Architect within DevSecOps, a Security Awareness, and Software Supply Chain Management company. She helped countless organisations understand and implement security throughout their SDLC. As a python developer at heart, Stefania enjoys optimising and improving operational efficiency by scripting and automating processes and creating integrations. She is a member of OWASP DevSlop, hosting their technical shows. Stefania enjoys surfing, yoga and looking after all her tropical plants when not at a computer.

Megan Brown

  • Head of International Sales and Partner function at LogicGate

Megan Brown has spent over 15 years in SAAS and technology leadership roles. For the past 5 years, she has worked alongside the founding team at LogicGate to help scale the Risk Cloud, a next-gen GRC workflow automation SaaS platform, around the world. Megan currently works as the Head of International Sales after having developed the Strategic Alliances and Partner function at LogicGate. Megan leads the international market expansion strategy and sales team covering global markets. In her free time, she loves podcasts and is a host herself - you can hear more from Megan on LogicGate's GRC & Me podcast.

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