What is SSL? - SSL2BUY

What is SSL? - SSL2BUY

Mar 12, 2020

#SSL aka Secure Sockets Layer is also known as Digital Certificate, create a secure path between the customer and a website. SSL Encryption makes sure that the information passed between the customer and a website should remain secured. https://www.ssl2buy.com is one of the best #SSLCertificate resellers who supply complete security solutions for online businesses and applications.

Video Transcript:

Why is it safe to give your personal information on one Website, but not another? How can customers be sure that a company's Website is a safe place to buy? What's actually happening behind the scenes to ensure everything is protected? The answer SSL encryption. It's what ensures that communication over the Internet is kept private.

Let's say there's a Website called Purple Hats. To start, Purple hats needs to get an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority or CA. Purple Hats chooses a certificate that not only confirms they own the domain, but also verifies that Purple Hats is who they say they are.

Purple Hats then generates two keys -One private, One public. Now the two keys are related. The private key is the only thing that can decrypt information encrypted by the public key. It's like you have a lock box that only the public key can lock in, only the private key can open. This is going to be important later.

OK, so now when you go to Purple Hats your browser says hello to Purple Hats server and tells them you want to have a private conversation.

The server responds by sending their SSL certificate, which includes the public key. After the browser checks the certificate verifying that they're talking with Purple Hats and not someone posing as Purple Hats, it drops a message in the lock box, encrypts it with the public key and sends it back. The server then uses its private key to decrypt the message or unlock the box and read the message inside. Since the server is the only entity with a private key, they know they're the only ones who can see the message.

Until now, the browser and server have been in a one way conversation where the browser can send a private message but can't receive. That's about to change because that message inside the lock box is this symmetric session Key.

Basically, a new key to a secure to a channel where the browser and server can communicate back and forth in private and oh yeah, this all happens in the blink of an eye. The result every time you go to Purple Hats, the connection is secure, and attackers can't get it. That's the value of SSL securing online connections and protecting sensitive data.


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