What Is An Audit Trail and Why Is It Important?

What Is An Audit Trail and Why Is It Important?

In this video, you will find out:
✔ What is an audit trail?
✔ What are the three main reasons why the audit trail is crucial for any organization?
✔ What are the different solutions for audit trail?


00:00 Intro

00:04 What is an #audittrail

0:32 Why is audit trail crucial for any organization?

00:40 Audit trail for #compliance

00:45 Audit trail for internal #fraud detection
001:13 Audit trail for Data #Breach prevention

01:30 What are the different audit trail solutions?

01:42 Using already existing functionalities for the audit trail function

02:00 Using a generic log collector

02:27 Using a dedicated audit trail solution

02:39 Using an all-in-one security platform for audit trail purposes

02:59 Using a custom audit trail solution

03:10 Using #SIEM software for audit logs

03:30 Why is LogSentinel SIEM the right option for a secure audit trail

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