Webinar Replay: Q3 2023 Threat Landscape: BEC Attacks Continue to Surge Across Sectors

Webinar Replay: Q3 2023 Threat Landscape: BEC Attacks Continue to Surge Across Sectors

Nov 28, 2023

“In Q3, we did see an uptick in incidents impacting the manufacturing and construction sector largely led by business email compromise (BEC) or email compromise attacks. One of the reasons for this uptick in BEC attacks has to do with the reliance on third parties and suppliers.” – Laurie Iacono

Kroll continues to see the professional services sector rank first across cases—in particular legal firms— fueled by a rise in BEC across all sectors and specific campaigns targeting the legal industry, such as the BLACKCAT ransomware gang. We also observed nominal rises in the targeting of the manufacturing (2%) and construction sectors (1.5%) from the previous quarter. In Kroll’s observation, both sectors most frequently experienced BEC in the third quarter. For manufacturing, ransomware was the second most likely threat type to be observed, while insider threat was the second most likely threat type for construction. Learn why:

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