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Kroll Responder Managed Detection and Response - Solution Overview

Stop cyberattacks now with Kroll Responder. In this video, learn how Kroll Responder Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provides extended security monitoring around-the-clock, earlier insight into targeted threats, and complete response to contain and eradicate threats across your digital estate. Discover how our turnkey MDR service can fill gaps in your security resources by combining seasoned security expertise, frontline intelligence and unrivaled response capabilities.

Webinar Replay: State of Cyber Defense - Diagnosing Cyber Threats in Healthcare

Merging findings from the global survey we conducted with 1,000 security and risk leaders for the 2023 State of Cyber Defense: The False-Positive of Trust report with frontline threat intelligence collected from 3,000+ incident response cases, 700,000+ endpoints under monitoring and 100,000+ hours of offensive security engagements, this webinar provides a holistic view of cyber risk for the healthcare sector.

Webinar Replay: Q1 2024 Threat Landscape: Insider Threat & Phishing Evolve Under AI Auspices

In the first quarter of 2024 Kroll saw an evolution in techniques used by attackers, some of which may point to longer term trends in the variation and sophistication of attacks faced by organizations. In this briefing, Kroll’s cyber threat intelligence leaders explore key insights and trends from hundreds of cyber incidents handled worldwide in Q1.