Webinar: The Best (Tested) MFA Features for Admins and Users - 18 August 2022

Webinar: The Best (Tested) MFA Features for Admins and Users - 18 August 2022

Password security has been a hot topic since the Internet’s inception. Once upon a time, securing your accounts was as simple as not setting your password as “password.” Now, there can’t be talk about password security without multi-factor authentication (MFA) and how it has become a critical solution to protect users, data, networks, and more.

WatchGuard and Miercom, an independent organization focused on product testing, have worked together on testing three MFA solutions and assessing performance in user and admin experiences.

Join the webinar to discuss multi-factor authentication from a competitive outlook and learn about the key features that leading MFA solutions are offering, including:

· Authentication methods
· Deployment efficacy
· Risk-based authentication
· Total cost of ownership

Links mentioned in this webinar:
Verizon Data Breach Report - https://verizon.com/business/resources/reports/dbir/
Miercom MFA Competitive Validation Testing Report - https://miercom.com/watchguard-authpoint-mfa-solution/
WatchGuard Miercom Page - https://miercom.com/watchguard

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