Upgrade your Cyber Security Strategy with These 10 Steps

Upgrade your Cyber Security Strategy with These 10 Steps

Oct 19, 2020

Your cyber security strategy should help you move from a reactive to a proactive approach to cybersecurity. This strategy should include a security foundation that will help you form your plan of action that will result in the prevention of the theft of organizational and employee data.

Your cyber security strategy should be as important as your legal, regulatory, financial, or operational strategy. Here are 10 steps to help define and communicate your strategy.

Why do you need a cyber security strategy?
In a recent report we learned that:

  • Just 1 in 10 organizations say their current security solutions fully meet their needs.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 companies (87%) don’t have sufficient budget to implement totally effective cybersecurity systems.

In another article, “15 Shocking Stats about Endpoint Security Solutions,” we learned that:

  • By 2021, cybercriminals will cost the world $11.4m each minute, fueled by greater ease of entry into cybercrime and more opportunities to leverage global events like COVID-19 in successful threat campaigns (Source)
  • 20% of IT managers who were victim to one or more cyberattacks last year can’t pinpoint how the attackers gained entry, and 17 percent don’t know how long the threat was in the environment before it was detected. Source
  • Organizations are spending 85% of the time investigating non-issues, equivalent to around 41 days each year.

To begin the process of upgrading your cyber security strategy, it’s vital to begin with a security risk assessment. A Cyber Risk Assessment is a required step when determining the needs or success of your security program. When you outsource Cybriant for your assessments, our team of risk experts will follow NIST guidelines to perform interviews, documentation analysis, and walkthrough of physical areas to determine the state of the security program of the client.

Start with a cyber security risk assessment here: https://cybriant.com/assessments

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