Cyber Security Planning Guide and Best Practices

Cyber Security Planning Guide and Best Practices

Oct 21, 2020

Download our cybersecurity planning guide for all the best practices in mapping out your cyber security strategy. Containing and managing cybersecurity threats may be the most important strategic plan you create.

As we are coming to an end of a record-breaking year for data breaches and exposed records, your organization must be planning on doing everything they can to protect the integrity of your data.

There were 5,183 data breaches reported with 7.9 billion records exposed in just the first nine months of this year, according to Risk Based Security, which tracks publicly reported breaches. That’s an increase of 33.3% in breaches and 112% in total records over the same period in 2018.

While the financial gain was behind 75% of the cyber attacks in 2019, it seems data exposure is just a normal part of our daily life.

Download the Cybersecurity Planning Guide: