The Ultimate OpenCart Security & Malware Removal Tutorial

The Ultimate OpenCart Security & Malware Removal Tutorial

Aug 7, 2020

In this video, we are going to drill down OpenCart hacked cases, talk about the common hacked symptoms, their causes, and will go through a working Opencart hack removal plan & how can you secure your store steps. Credit Card Hijacking & Adware pop-up malware have been demonstrated in this video so that you can remove such malware step by step.

👉 Outline of the video:

⏰ 0:25 Intro
⏰ 1:21 How hackers hack your store
⏰ 4:20 OpenCart Credit Card Malware - Identifying
⏰ 09:18 Fixing Credit Card Hack
⏰ 14:40 Adware & Popup Malware
⏰ 17:26 Generic process for malware removal in OpenCart
⏰ 18:57 Using OpenCart Malware Scanner
⏰ 20:20 How to secure your OpenCart secure

👉 OpenCart Hacked Symptoms:

  1. Multiple logins from unauthorized locations
  2. Multiple Admin accounts
  3. Leaked Payment Details
  4. Free Orders
  5. Spam mail
  6. Blacklisted by Google
  7. Dubious IP in the FTP log
  8. Credit Card Abuse

👉 OpenCart Malware Removal Process

  1. Alter the passwords to stronger ones
  2. Create a backup
  3. Turn on the maintenance mode
  4. Scan your store with an OpenCart Malware Scanner
  5. Check for the open backdoors in the website
  6. Review the base64 format
  7. Compare checksum
  8. Delete all infections

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