TeamViewer Security Risks and How To Avoid Them

TeamViewer Security Risks and How To Avoid Them

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#TeamViewer is a great utility for remotely helping your relatives or for IT people servicing small businesses. But using it in large organizations, and especially for critical infrastructure, is rather risky, as shown in a recent attempt to poison the water of a city in Florida.'

Let’s review, what are the top 3 security risks for From Using TeamViewer:
01:45 Credentials can easily get leaked
01:57 TeamViewer allows malicious insiders to do whatever they want
02:20 Zero-day exploit

But How to Make TeamViewer More #Secure?
02:48 Avoid using TeamViewer, at least on servers and privileged users' machines
03:03 Look for TeamViewer usage across the organization
03:28 Collect TeamViewer logs
03:50 Configure a two-factor authentication
04:05 Configure whitelists

04:19 How does LogSentinel #SIEM protect organizations from TeamViewer threats? (5 features for #SMEs)

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