Real-World Security Testing: Uncovering Vulnerabilities in Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Real-World Security Testing: Uncovering Vulnerabilities in Uninterrupted Power Supplies

Think your organization's security is rock-solid? It's time to put it to the real-world test! In this eye-opening video, we share a fascinating story of a security assessment that revealed some shocking vulnerabilities.

When a company claimed to have a secure environment, they decided to take it a step further and put their confidence to the test. They asked, "Are you sure you want this real-world?" And the answer was a resounding "Yes!"

The journey begins with reconnaissance, as we uncover the startling truth about a recent project where all of their data centers installed the same model of networked Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) without considering the consequences. The default passwords were left unchanged, and all units were network-capable, creating a ticking time bomb.

Watch as we detail how a carefully crafted script strategically shut down these UPS units, causing chaos and highlighting the importance of real-world security testing. Don't miss this riveting exploration of the vulnerabilities that can lurk in unexpected places, reminding us all of the need for thorough cybersecurity assessments.


Jonathan Care
Jonathan Care is a recognised expert in the field of cybersecurity & fraud detection. A former top-rated Gartner analyst, Care was responsible for defining the Fraud market, and leading Gartner’s Insider Threat and Risk research. He regularly advises cybersecurity industry leaders on strategic growth and has worked with key figures in industry and government across the globe. He is a lead contributor for Dark Reading, an industry-defining publication. He has testified in court as an expert witness and forensic investigator and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society. He also fuels his creative passion as a composer of film/TV music.

Social media: @jonathanhcare &

Chris Fielder
Christopher Fielder has been in the cybersecurity world for over 20 years with experience from a range of military, government and corporate environments. From this background, Christopher holds 18 industry certifications along with a Master's Degree in Information Security. While much of his career has involved traditional hands-on-keyboard security roles that covered offensive, defensive and analytics security positions, today he is the Field CTO for Arctic Wolf. This position allows him to research emerging security topics and remain at the forefront of highlighting the expertise of the entire Arctic Wolf team.

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