Mobile App Security & Penetration Testing Gets Easier

Mobile App Security & Penetration Testing Gets Easier

Oct 11, 2020

In this video you will learn how to test your Mobile application for security issues & how can you secure your Mobile application against hackers.

👉 According to a survey, over 98% of mobile apps are not secure! This is due to one major fallacy in their app development practice which pushes security testing to the end of the development cycle.

👉 Here you will learn about – some astonishing mobile app hacking stats, the common security risks to mobile apps, basics of mobile app security testing, and steps to carry out an end-to-end mobile app security testing. With a mention of automated tools.

⏲️ Video timeline

0:00 Intro to conduct Mobile app security audit

0:27 Mobile App Security Statistics

0:51 Major Security issues in Mobile apps

1:21 Phases in Mobile App Security Testing

2:56 Critical Security Threats

3:44 Astra's Mobile App Security Audit & Pentesting

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