LogSentinel SIEM for MSSPS: Key MDR / MSSP Benefits

LogSentinel SIEM for MSSPS: Key MDR / MSSP Benefits

Managed security service providers (#MSSP's) are tasked with providing efficient #cybersecurity monitoring and response service without most of their revenue going away for licensing.

LogSentinel SIEM is a tool that’s built with MSSPs in mind – we have predictable and affordable pricing and offer deployment and management flexibility.

In this video, we will discover the key benefits of using LogSentinel SIEM if you are an MSSP/MDR provider.

00:00 Intro

00:24 Built-in SIEM Multitenancy

00:40 SIEM Software White Labelling

00:51 SIEM Flexible Deployment

1:25 - User Interface Localization (Software language options)

1:43 - Data Privacy and Security

2:05 Network security services provided by LogSentinel SIEM

2:17 LogSentinel SIEM Pricing Model for MSSPs

2:28 LogSentinel SIEM Features included in all pricing plans

2:50 Special offer for MSSPs provided by LogSentinel SIEM

3:07 LogSentinel SIEM Discounts Options

If you are an MSSP/MDR provider and you would like to learn more about LogSentinel SIEM's special offer for MSSPs, get in touch with us today: https://bit.ly/3Duw7Q1