GDPR & HIPAA Compliance- Mapping the Similarities and Differences

GDPR & HIPAA Compliance- Mapping the Similarities and Differences

Is your organization looking to achieve both HIPAA and GDPR Compliance? Well, believing that achieving compliance with one will automatically ensure compliance with the other regulation isn’t really true. So, based on this notion, if you are looking to achieve compliance with both HIPAA and GDPR, then here is an interesting webinar video that you should watch to get clarity on this aspect.

VISTA InfoSec conducted a live webinar on “GDPR & HIPAA Compliance- Mapping the Similarities & Differences” explaining both the regulation and whether or not achieving compliance with both regulations is possible. Watch the video and learn about both the regulations in detail to know the similarities & differences between GDPR & HIPAA Compliance.

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0:00 Introduction

7:22 Brief on GDPR Compliance

8:08 Who Must Comply With GDPR?

8:56 Importance of GDPR Regulation

11:30 Brief on HIPAA Compliance

12:33 Who Must Comply With HIPAA?

15:17 Importance of HIPAA Regulation

16:00 What kind of Information is protected under GDPR & HIPAA?

17:05 PII(Personally Identifiable Information) VS PHI (Protected Health Information)

18:51 GDPR VS HIPAA Compliance

27:16 Does GDPR Compliance Guarantee HIPAA Compliance?

31:52 Approach to GDPR & HIPAA Compliance

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