GCP Security Monitoring Using LogSentinel SIEM | Cloud Security and Compliance

GCP Security Monitoring Using LogSentinel SIEM | Cloud Security and Compliance

Using #SIEM for #GCP Security Monitoring

☁ Google Cloud Platform is a leading infrastructure as a service provider, used by thousands of companies for their IT infrastructure. There are multiple sources of security-relevant logs and events that should be ingested and correlated in order to gain proper visibility on the threat landscape.

☁ Google Cloud Platform is attracting a lot of companies, large and small, with its stability and many built-in services. But aggregated security monitoring. Has to be done via an external service.

🛡 Log aggregation for security purposes is a mandatory requirement of many standards and regulations. These include GDPR, HIPAA, PSD2, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and many more. Compliance aside, a well-configured SIEM allows the security, or IT operations team, to immediately react to threats that affect both the cloud and the organization’s other assets.
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0:05 About Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
0:17 Sources of Security-Relevant Logs & Events
0:34 GCP Benefits
1:28 GCP Security Scenarios Covered by the SIEMs
1:37 Hybrid-cloud and Multi-cloud Setups
1:59 On-Premise & Cloud Integrations in SIEM
2:17 SaaS and GCP log integration
2:59 Network and GCP log integration
3:20 How do SIEMs support GCP?
3:37 GCP log integration with LogSentinel SIEM
4:30 How do SIEMs support GCP?
5:00 Correlating GCP logs

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