Enhancing Observability in DevSecOps

Enhancing Observability in DevSecOps

Digital transformation often accelerates innovation at the expense of creating an intelligence gap with massive amounts of unanalyzed data.

This is where Continuous Intelligence comes into play.

Join Sumo Logic’s Systems Engineer, Suresh Govindachetty, as he demonstrates how Continuous Intelligence helps find and solve information gaps, and how a single platform approach allows organisations to combine devs, operations, and security in ways that ease the burden for all teams across the organisation.

Learn about Sumo Logic’s premiere solution for continuous and connected intelligence delivered on a single platform including:

  • How real-time analysis of historic and current machine data is used for decision making and responding to events
  • A centralized view of logs, metrics, and events help organizations to continue to adapt to unexpected deviations
  • How you can leverage Sumo Logic to understand how your complex systems work together