Encryption Basics: Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption and Key Management (Webinar Cuts)

Encryption Basics: Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption and Key Management (Webinar Cuts)

#Encryption is widely used by companies to secure sensitive data. It comes in different varieties and purposes. There's symmetric vs asymmetric encryption, there's encryption at rest, in transit and in use, there's TDE vs record-level encryption vs column/field-level encryption, and then there's key encryption (wrapping). All of these varieties serve different purposes and use-cases that we review - from the point of view of an infosec person, a sysadmin, a developer, and an architect.

In this webinar cut, we are going to explain the differences between #symmetric and #asymmetric encryption, and what's the role of key management:

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00:00 - Intro
00:08 - Symmetric Encryption and How It Works
00:20 - Symmetric Encryption Example
00:30 - Encryption Efficiency: When is Symmetric Encryption used in Conjunction With Asymmetric Encryption?
01:03 - Asymmetric Encryption and How It Works
01:20 - Asymmetric Encryption Example
01:45 - Key Management
02:17 - Why Does the Secret Key Have to Be Protected?

Watch the full #webinar: https://bit.ly/Encryption-Webinar

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