Cybriant MDR: Free 30-Day Trial

Cybriant MDR: Free 30-Day Trial

Sep 14, 2020

MDR is cybersecurity for your remote workforce. But, MDR from Cybriant is all about Remediation...not just Response.

Here are some reasons to consider MDR from Cybriant:

Our security platform uses artificial intelligence to track and contextualize every single activity on your computer systems. The Cybriant security platform will pinpoint malicious acts in real-time and automatically stop them in their tracks before they become a threat.

When your team works remotely, you’re open to new threats, from the smart TV to the connected printer, and everything in between. Protect your workforce from every avenue of attack with Cybriant MDR!

Malware doesn’t need a connection to attack, and neither should your cybersecurity. Cybriant delivers Online/Offline Protection across any platform or OS—because if your security only works online, it doesn’t work.

Plus, with Cybriant's team of security analysts watching your network 24/7, you'll always be protected.

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