Cybersecurity Tips for Healthcare Organizations

Cybersecurity Tips for Healthcare Organizations

“Why do ransomware attackers target healthcare companies so often?”

Here are 2 reasons why: Goldmine of personal information:

If you look on the dark web, the price of a stolen credit card would be $5 for a validated card.

But the price of personal information (passport, social security number, etc.) could range from $400 to $6,500 per person because you can create a fake identity and use it to create accounts in various places.

And healthcare organizations possess a lot of personally identifiable information. Unpatched medical devices:

Healthcare organizations use a lot of old OT and IoT medical devices.

These devices may not be up-to-date and thus become an easier target for bad guys to attack.

Here are a few resources that healthcare organizations have at their disposal to prevent these attackers:

  • We've partnered with H-ISAC (led by a terrific leader, Errol Weiss) and various other companies to provide you with the best tools to protect yourself from the bad actors. You can use these tools to become more resilient.
  • Another recommendation is to do continuous monitoring of your attack surface. Have a retainer with a ransomware expert so that you know whom to call if a ransomware attack happens.

What other suggestions do you have for healthcare organizations to protect themselves?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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