The Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing | Cyphere

The Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity Assessment and Testing | Cyphere

Mar 29, 2022

Cyphere is a cybersecurity assessment and testing company that quickly identifies the weakest points in an organisation's cyber security. We do this by using the best practices to simulate real-world attacks against your systems. The goal is to identify potential risks before they can lead to a potential disaster.

We offer comprehensive assessments, as well as individualised consulting services for organisations looking at their overall risk management strategy. Our expertise ranges from digital forensics analysis, incident response planning, social engineering simulation training programs, penetration testing - white hat hacking - black hat hacking -- all with the intent of reducing our clients' risk exposure in today's highly secure world where data breaches have become commonplace.
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Cyphere is a UK-based cyber security services provider helping organisations to secure their most prized assets. We provide technical risk assessment (pen testing/ethical hacking) and managed security services. This advice is a true third party opinion, free from any vendor inclinations or reselling objectives.

Service quality underpins everything we do.
Our security expertise, sector specific experience & non-salesy approach helps organisations to manage cyber security threats effectively.