Anatomy of a Data Breach - How to Protect Your Clients and Brand

Anatomy of a Data Breach - How to Protect Your Clients and Brand

Mar 5, 2021

Industry veterans Brian Lapidus and David White recently hosted a 40-minute dive into data breaches, how to expedite your response and what to expect when facing a breach of sensitive data, regardless of how it happens. The session was followed by live Q&A.

Together, Brian and David have responded to thousands of data breaches worldwide and supported over 300 million customers safeguard their identity.

Who it’s for: Suitable for anyone on your organization’s breach response team, from information security to risk management and compliance. If you don’t have a breach response team, congratulations – you’re it. We help you figure out who needs to be involved when a breach is discovered and how to stay calm while your hair is on fire.

This webinar covers:
· Breach basics – the terms, the timeline, what to expect
· Where to spend your time (and budget) as you pre-plan for the inevitable
· The results – we’ll share some personal stories and stuff we wish we could tell our clients

Brian Lapidus - Managing Director and Global Breach Notification Leader -
David White - Global Head of Operations, Breach Notification -