Odaseva Residency-as-a-Service enables seamless data compliance for global-scale Salesforce customers doing business in China

Odaseva Residency-as-a-Service enables seamless data compliance for global-scale Salesforce customers doing business in China

By Odaseva
Sep 1, 2021
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, September 1, 2021. Large enterprises face a difficult challenge running global businesses while maintaining compliance with localized regulations. China's Data Security Law, which comes into effect today, is the latest regulation to require data to be stored and processed inside a particular country. Odaseva, the #1 Enterprise Data Platform for Salesforce, is announcing its new Residency-as-a-Service offering, which offers Salesforce customers an option to comply immediately with China's new law and avoid a major disruption to operations.

China's Data Security Law applies to a broad spectrum of data and data activities, including data collection, storage, processing, usage, transmission, and more. The law will classify and protect data based on level of importance, with the strictest levels of protection targeting data deemed vital to China's national interests. Penalties include fines topping $1 million, loss of business licenses, and demands to close businesses.

For large enterprises running global operations on Salesforce, this presents an immediate challenge. Salesforce's Hyperforce infrastructure architecture innovation, which will allow customers around the world to store data in a particular location to support compliance, is not yet online in China.

To offer an immediate solution, Odaseva, a leading Salesforce Independent Software Vendor, is introducing its Residency-as-a-Service offering, with support for regulatory compliance in China. This makes Odaseva the first Salesforce-specialist platform to support data residency in China and elsewhere in the world.

"Our mission is to eliminate data management challenges that keep large enterprises from fully embracing the cloud," said Odaseva CEO Sovan Bin. "Our Residency-as-a-Service offering makes it possible for global companies to use Salesforce in China immediately, without compromising compliance."

Odaseva Residency-as-a-Service allows classified data to be stored and processed locally, while keeping all other data centralized and delivering a seamless experience to end users.

Users of the service will have the ability to choose from several different levels of data residency, from replicating data to a local data center to limiting all storage and processing to a single nation. As more data regulations come online in major international markets, this flexibility will be essential.

This offering is an extension of Odaseva's Enterprise Data Platform, which large Salesforce customers use to protect their data, maintain regulatory compliance, and move data to external systems.

Odaseva's Residency-as-a-Service option builds on the company's robust compliance offering, firmly establishing Odaseva as the leading Salesforce ecosystem partner solving the complex challenges of maintaining a cloud-first operating model while serving diverse global markets with different data requirements.

"Compliance has been a key driver of our long-standing relationships with Fortune Global 500 Salesforce customers like Schneider Electric and Manulife," Bin said. Odaseva offers several products that help large companies manage their data lifecycle, enforce data retention policies, and localize data.

Odaseva is deploying Residency-as-a-Service with pilot customers in Q4 2021, focusing on compliance with data regulations in China and Russia. General availability is planned for the product in 2022.

Odaseva will initially focus Residency-as-a-Service on Salesforce, then expand the offering to include other SaaS platforms such as Workday.

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