The Most Important Things To Know About Jockey Boxes

The Most Important Things To Know About Jockey Boxes

Beer jockey boxes are equipment without which it is impossible to imagine any outdoor event.

This portable beer dispensing system ensures that your drinks remain perfectly chilled until they are poured into the glass. 

By reading our article, you will better understand what kinds of jockey box coolers exist, their features, and whether you need such equipment.

Do you need a jockey box?

First, to answer this question, understand what a jockey box for kegs is. It is a beverage cooler used to maintain the temperature and quality of draft beer outside the traditional setting of the bar. 

In other words, it is used outdoors or where, for whatever reason, there is no air or glycol cooling system.

Jockey boxes will benefit barbecues, sports events, concerts, and all those who like to spend time outdoors.

Jockey Box Picnic Cooler, 2 Faucets, 2 x 70' CoilsJockey Box Picnic Cooler, 1 Faucet, 70'/120' Coil

Jockey Box Types

Let’s start with the trim.

You can buy a jockey box cooler (plastic/stainless steel):

  • Products with a plastic case are lightweight and portable;
  • Stainless steel case models are more elegant and will last longer than plastic.

This equipment differs not only in its appearance but also in its functionality.

There are:

  • Cold plate jockey box

It is a simpler model where the cooling plates are connected to the beer lines. 

The ice that should fill the whole box is on top of these plates. During the dispensing, the beer passes through these cooled plates and thus remains cold, fresh, and fragrant.

Despite its ease of operation, the device has drawbacks: It is suitable only for small companies. You also have to regularly drain the water that appears due to ice melting.

  • Stainless steel coil jockey box

This equipment has a more complex design than the previous version. Here, a stainless steel coil is used as a cooler. The coil, immersed in the icy water inside the box, cools the beer as it passes, providing a uniform pouring of fresh drinks.

Such equipment allows you to cool drinks faster, making it a profitable purchase for large events.

Jockey Box Cooler - 4 Taps, 75' Stainless Steel Coils, 48qt | NY Brew Supply

Cold Plate vs. Coil Jockey Boxes

Do you know what is better: jockey box cold plate vs coil?

These systems function differently and have advantages and disadvantages.

Jockey Box Woes : r/TheBrewery

  • Cold plate systems are more portable than coils because they do not require long reels. And they are more affordable.

The cold plate cools the beverages efficiently and quickly at the start but cannot maintain a low temperature for a long time. Moreover, this model is designed to serve a limited number of people.

  • Coil systems effectively maintain the required temperature for an extended period and allow you to serve many people at once. However, this equipment is more cumbersome and expensive than cold plate. It is also essential to consider slow initial cooling: coils may take a little longer to cool down compared to cold plates.

Now that you know all these nuances and your own needs, you will have no difficulty deciding who is your personal leader in the cold plate vs. coil jockey box battle.

What is the difference between a jockey box and a jumper box?

As you know, a jockey box is a portable drinking beer system used outdoors.

The Jumper Box is similar to the jockey box but has one significant difference: it does not have taps.

At first glance, the Jumper Box looks somewhat incomprehensible. However, this is a kind of advantage of this device: you can choose where the taps will be located so that they fit into the design of your equipment.

Jockey Box vs. Kegerator

Let’s figure out which is better to choose: jockey box vs kegerator.

Jockey box is a portable kegerator for outdoor use.

A kegerator, in the traditional sense of the word, is placed inside a brewery, bar, or restaurant.

The kegerator is designed for storing and distributing beer in kegs. It resembles a mini-fridge but is specially configured to accommodate barrels and distribute beer through the tap on the front panel. 

  • If the bar has a fixed location and you need a continuous supply of beer, then the kegerator is the optimal solution. 
  • If you need a portable beer cooler, choose a jockey box.

Choosing the Best Jockey Box for Your Needs

Are you looking for a jockey box for kegs and need to know which model suits your tasks?

To find the best jockey box, consider such factors as:

  1. Cooling capacity: as we have already written above, different models of this equipment have their nuances of operation;
  2. Portability and size: think how many kegs you need to cool;
  3. Number of taps: selected based on how many beer varieties you plan to pour;
  4. Insulation: it affects how long drinks will remain cold;
  5. Material: Stainless steel will last longer than plastic, but such boxes are heavier.

Where to Buy Jockey Boxes in the United States?

Are you looking for a jockey box for sale? You can find such equipment on the UBC Group USA website. 

It is a leading beer equipment manufacturer with a range of different models of keg jockey box: plastic and stainless steel, with various types of cooling, designed for different numbers of taps, etc.

By contacting UBC Group USA, you will find an option that will allow you to organize an unforgettable outdoor event!