High-quality retouching from professionals

High-quality retouching from professionals

Postprocessing and editing of pictures is part of the daily routine of each photographer, which takes a huge amount of time. It doesn’t matter how talented the photographer is or how good the camera is. Only the correction of the finished material will help to correct minor flaws invisible to the eye, remove digital noise, and balance colors. In order not to waste resources on monotonous revisions and free more time for new orders, it is enough to transfer the post work to other artists. So, RetouchMe Pro - affordable, comfortable to use, and very high-quality service, which is waiting for its customers around the clock and without a weekend.

What is a good retouch? 

It is usually necessary to talk about the results of processing, focusing on the genre of shooting, project features, and customer requirements. But there are three universal traits by which you can determine whether the designer succeeded. 

  1. In the picture, there are no defects or minor flaws. 

An experienced retoucher will find both a small pimple on the model’s face, and a barely noticeable fingerprint on the shiny surface of the decoration, and an irritating dust caught in the beam of light. All these nuances are easy to remove during the editing, the main thing - is to pay attention to them. 

  1. The intervention of the retoucher is not obvious. 

Aesthetic image should not be "ironed" up to the loss of naturalness. If the shape of the model is edited - the proportions must be believable, if the correction requires the skin - you can not erase its texture. Moderation and balance are the designer’s main tools in the process. 

  1. The image looks finished and neat. 

If in the process of retouching the image appears blurry or bald areas, color spots, unexpected curvatures, or unnatural contrasts of light shadow - it means the retoucher does not work professionally with the tools of the program editor. 

How the RetouchMe Pro service works

Automatic correction algorithms and even artificial intelligence cannot solve all the problems facing the photographer. RetouchMe Pro offers a staff of professional designers and retouchers. An experienced specialist who works on a specific order coordinates with the client all the nuances of necessary revisions. After that, armed with powerful computers and licensed software, the retoucher performs a deep manual processing of each image. The maximum time required to complete the order is 24 hours. Even if you uploaded several tens or hundreds of photos, the deadline will be met. There are no limitations on the number of images: both one frame and the results of several shots will be taken into work. The price remains advantageous: from 50 cents per photo. If you want to check the quality of the RetouchMe Pro work, you can order a trial retouch for free. RetouchMe Pro is very easy to use, and the site functionality is intuitive. The service is very attentive to issues of reputation, trust, and security. You can be sure that no photos will get online and be passed on to someone else. After completion, the source code is removed from the servers, protecting your copyright.