CultureAI and Ignition Technology Partner to Bring Human Risk Management into the Mainstream

CultureAI and Ignition Technology Partner to Bring Human Risk Management into the Mainstream

Manchester, UK. – 21 February 2024CultureAI, a leading Human Risk Management Platform, has today announced the partnership with Ignition Technology, a security distributor for the SaaS world.

Human risk management provides a data-driven approach to transform employee security behaviours and minimise human risk. By seamlessly integrating with the modern tech stack, CultureAI provides real-time visibility into an organisation's riskiest employee behaviours and security vulnerabilities, including weak or compromised password use, unauthorised software usage, phishing email clicks, oversharing sensitive data on ChatGPT or Slack, and much more. 

By measuring human risk in real-time, security teams can allocate resources and implement automated interventions and fixes where they are most necessary. This approach empowers organisations to proactively address security concerns and enhance overall risk management. 

"Our partnership with Ignition Technology marks a significant milestone in our journey to revolutionise human risk management," says Jamal Shakir, Chief Revenue Officer at CultureAI. "Their expertise and strong reputation in the security reseller world will undoubtedly help us accelerate our go-to-market strategies and expand our reach."

CultureAI is poised to leverage Ignition's vast network, which will enable the company to scale quickly and build a robust channel presence in the cybersecurity market. Through this endeavour, CultureAI anticipates gaining access to a larger partner pool to amplify their market presence, ensuring they become an indispensable asset within the security market to keep organisations as secure as possible. 

By combining Ignition's renowned reputation and extensive partner network with CultureAI's innovative platform and functionality, the collaboration provides organisations with unrivalled security awareness and risk management capabilities. Together, CultureAI and Ignition Technology will deliver scalable and comprehensive solutions that keep companies as secure as possible, while ensuring ease of doing business.

"Our alignment with Ignition goes beyond market reach; it's about cultural fit and building a long-term partnership focused on growth," adds Jamal Shakir. "Not only do they have an exceptional reputation, but we know that our platform will fit seamlessly into their extended offering. As their inaugural vendor in the human risk management and security awareness and training space, we are bridging a previously unaddressed gap."

"We're super excited to be partnering with CultureAI," says Sean Remnant, Chief Strategy Officer at Ignition Technology. "Their approach to human risk management is a significant step forward in employee cyber risk education and risk management." 

"CultureAI poses a huge opportunity for the channel to disrupt an established market", adds Sean Remnant. "We see pent-up demand for the human element of cyber risk to be addressed in a more engaging manner and where the solution provides actionable results. Gone are the days of boring and out-of-context security training videos."

The partnership is cemented on the shared goal of enabling easier engagement with businesses and amplifying market presence through increased sales and marketing power, joint events, and enhanced technical support.

About CultureAI  

CultureAI's innovative Human Risk Management Platform empowers security teams to instantly identify employee security risks, educate employees in real time, and nudge them to make immediate fixes. 

We recognise employees make mistakes, bypass security protocols, and are targeted by social engineering attacks – all of which can result in devastating data breaches. CultureAI's comprehensive platform encompasses multiple solutions that reduce risks across SaaS, phishing, generative AI, instant messaging, data handling, compliance, and more. This enables organisations to identify and improve risky employee behaviours and mitigate resultant risks. Trusted by leading organisations globally, CultureAI is a UK-based company with offices in Manchester and London. Learn more at Follow us on LinkedIn. 

About Ignition Technology

Ignition Technology is a security distributor for the SaaS world. We believe in the power of the channel to enable and secure business transformation. We enable our partners to architect solutions that better protect their customers and help them navigate the future of cybersecurity through our people, our knowledge and our solutions and services.

By discovering innovative, emerging cybersecurity solutions, we help them de-risk their business, create value and maintain relevance with their customers whilst delivering peace of mind. For more information visit

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