Accelerating the Future of Trust for the Enterprise: Vanta Supercharges Trust Centers with Questionnaire Automation and Vanta AI

Accelerating the Future of Trust for the Enterprise: Vanta Supercharges Trust Centers with Questionnaire Automation and Vanta AI

SAN FRANCISCO— May 1, 2024— Vanta, the leading trust management platform, announced today the addition of Vanta AI and Questionnaire Automation in Trust Centers, enabling enterprises to proactively and reactively demonstrate their security and compliance, automatically. To further meet the needs of the world's largest organizations, Vanta introduced new enterprise-ready capabilities including an enhanced REST API, support for SCIM provisioning and more multi-instance integrations to help enterprises reduce risk while saving time and costs. Vanta will be showcasing the new offerings at expo booth #2166 in San Francisco's Moscone Center during the annual RSA Conference, May 6 – 9.

As the number and severity of third-party breaches continues to rise, companies are scrutinizing not just how they handle data, but how their vendors do as well. All while limited resources and legacy processes make it harder for security teams to keep up with the pace of business. According to Vanta's State of Trust Report, business and IT leaders globally cite that lack of staffing (33%) and manual processes (32%) are top blockers to proving security externally.

Surfacing answers instantly with Vanta AI

Vanta Trust Centers significantly reduce the manual, repetitive tasks hampering enterprise security and sales teams by unifying their security program management and accelerating the security review process, all from within Vanta. Available today in beta, Vanta AI-powered Trust Centers provide prospects with not only the documentation they're looking for, but answers they need. Visitors to an organization's Trust Center can ask questions through a conversational interface, and Vanta AI will generate answers based on the rich foundation of resources already available in the Trust Center.

From the admin dashboard, enterprise security teams can monitor questions as they come in and view insights into trending themes, enabling them to tailor their Trust Center to what prospects are looking for while prioritizing which areas of their security program to invest in moving forward. Using the Vanta and Salesforce integration, teams can capture the revenue influenced through interactions with their organization's Trust Center.

Save time with Questionnaire Automation

While Trust Centers reduce the time and steps needed for organizations to share their security posture with customers, teams are still bogged down by the manual drain of lengthy security questionnaires that often ask for the same security and compliance information in slightly different ways.

Questionnaire Automation in Trust Centers harnesses the power of Vanta AI to save time by generating suggested responses for security teams to review and approve, rather than starting from scratch each time. By analyzing previously submitted questionnaires — along with existing security documentation — Vanta creates a comprehensive knowledge base to draw from and generate responses, updating in real-time even as policies evolve. Whether it's a form, a spreadsheet, or third-party portal, Vanta can export questionnaire responses in whatever format prospects require.

Manage compliance at scale with Vanta's enterprise-ready capabilities

Building on the strength of Vanta's foundational enterprise offerings, the company is supporting global enterprises with the critical capabilities and scalability they need to stay compliant and secure, all while demonstrating trust to their buyers. New enterprise-ready features include an enhanced REST API, support for SCIM provisioning, more multi-instance integrations, and pre-built automated tests aligned to the CIS AWS EKS benchmarks.

REST API: Now available in public beta, an enhanced Vanta API extends the power of Vanta by integrating with other applications and workflows to:

  • Automate processes in Vanta to minimize clicks and human error, including auto-uploading documents or policies, bulk assigning owners to resources, or bulk offloading employees.
  • Programmatically extract information from Vanta into external reports that aggregate data from multiple systems.
  • Automatically initiate external workflows to remediate security gaps.
  • Build custom integrations to run automated tests against systems Vanta does not integrate with including on-premise or custom applications.

SCIM: In the coming months, Vanta will support SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management), which enables a simple, automated, and more secure way to provision, manage, and deprovision users. Important for enterprise IT teams that prefer to do user provisioning and management for all their cloud applications in a single location — their identity provider — using the SCIM standard.

Multi Instance Integrations: Vanta now supports more multi-instance integrations with widely-used applications and systems including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Snowflake, Zoom, GitHub, Okta, Google Cloud, Google Workspace, Cloudflare, Datadog, Atlassian Bitbucket and GitLab. Enterprises with multiple instances of an application for different parts of their business can now easily integrate all of those instances with Vanta, enabling Vanta to run automated tests and evidence collection against each instance and incorporate them into controls and other areas of compliance.

About Vanta

Vanta is the leading trust management platform that helps simplify and centralize security for organizations of all sizes. Over 7,000 companies including Atlassian, Chili Piper, Flo Health and Quora rely on Vanta to build, maintain and demonstrate their trust—all in a way that's real-time and transparent. Founded in 2018, Vanta has customers in 58 countries with offices in Dublin, New York, San Francisco and Sydney. For more information, visit

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