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The Overlooked Truth: User Experience in Cybersecurity

We live in a world where the term "cybersecurity" tends to make folks either shiver with anxiety or yawn with boredom. The narrative has always been about hacking, phishing, and all sorts of digital skullduggery. However, the overlooked truth is that users don't adopt best security practices because they’re designed without the slightest nod to the user experience.

Brazilian Entities Increasingly Targeted by Nation-State Phishing Attacks

Mandiant has published a report looking at cyber threats targeting Brazil, finding that more than 85% of government-backed phishing activity comes from threat actors based in China, North Korea and Russia. “The Brazil-focused targeting of these groups mirrors the broader priorities and industry targeting trends we see elsewhere,” the researchers write.

Microsoft and KnowBe4 Collaborate on Ribbon Phish Alert Button for Outlook

Increasing phishing attacks are a constant threat to organizations, making it crucial for users to report suspicious emails. This practice not only helps in identifying and mitigating potential threats, but also plays a significant role in educating and creating awareness among employees. The importance of reporting suspected phishing emails cannot be overstated, as it acts as a last line of defense against cyber threats.

Phishing Campaign Abuses Windows Search to Distribute Malware

Researchers at Trustwave warn that a phishing campaign is distributing malware via HTML attachments disguised as invoices. Notably, the HTML files abuse the Windows Search protocol to launch Windows Explorer and trick users into installing the malware. “Trustwave SpiderLabs has detected a sophisticated malware campaign that leverages the Windows search functionality embedded in HTML code to deploy malware,” the researchers state.

Phishing Campaign Targets Job Seekers With WARMCOOKIE Backdoor

A phishing campaign is impersonating recruiting firms to target job seekers with a new strain of malware, according to researchers at Elastic Security. “Since late April 2024, our team has observed new phishing campaigns leveraging lures tied to recruiting firms,” the researchers write.

The Global Reach of Cyber Threats: Why Security Awareness Training is More Important Than Ever

Based on news cycles within cybersecurity, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that threats only come from certain parts of the world or that they only target specific industries. However, the reality is that cyber attacks know no borders, and no organisation is immune. The recent report by Cisco Talos showcasing the discovery of a six-year campaign by Pakistani hackers targeting Indian government and defence organisations is a stark reminder of this fact.

Phishing With Deepfakes for HK$200 Million

My hacker story occurred not too long ago at the Hong Kong office of an undisclosed multinational corporation. The hackers pulled off a first-of-its-kind scam that leveraged a phishing email as the initial attack vector followed by a deepfake video call. In this instance, there was enough information to establish a perceived authority for a finance worker who transferred a total of HK$200 million in 15 transactions to five different Hong Kong bank accounts until the scam was detected.

Cybercriminals Use New V3B Phishing Kit to Mimic 54 Different Banks in the European Union

A new phishing-as-a-service toolkit that leverages credential interception and anti-detection capabilities has put EU banks at severe risk of fraud. One of the growing dangers of the cyber crime economy is the phishing toolkit. Putting well-designed, expertly-coded webpages, authentication services, and obfuscation features into the hands of even a would-be cybercriminal creates havoc for the intended victim organizations.

New Research Shows An Alarming Trend of Phishing Attacks Doubling For US and European Organizations

Cybercriminals never sleep, and their aim keeps getting better. According to new research from Abnormal Security, phishing attacks targeting organizations in Europe shot up by a staggering 112.4% between April 2023 and April 2024. Meanwhile, US organizations weren't spared either, with phishing attempts increasing by 91.5% over the same period. Phishing may be an old-school social engineering tactic, but it's no joke.

New HR-Themed Credential Harvesting Phishing Attack Uses Legitimate Signature Platform Yousign

A new phishing campaign is exploiting the eSignature platform Yousign. There have been plenty of phishing attacks that leverage legitimate platforms to help establish credibility with security solutions – including online email services, web hosting, payment processors and more.