Rubrik: Introduction to Ruby AI

Rubrik: Introduction to Ruby AI


Life as a security or IT operator can be challenging. Making mistakes can cost organisations millions and cause irreparable brand damage. And when we're talking about critical infrastructure impacted by cyber attacks, such as healthcare and public utilities, human lives could even be at stake.

As an innovator in data security, Rubrik brings simplicity to operational complexity, concrete recommendations in the face of ambiguity, and visibility where there is none today. Ruby packages all of this into a new interactive experience.

Ruby is designed to speed up cyber detection, cyber recovery, and cyber resilience. As soon as Rubrik’s Threat Monitoring identifies an indicator of compromise such as a specific piece of malware in a snapshot, Ruby kicks into action.

Ruby notifies you of the threat and guides you step by step through an integrated and interactive chat interface. Ruby helps you learn more about the threat, allows you to launch actions such as searching for additional related indicators of compromise, searching for sensitive data in impacted objects and provides recommendations for quarantining and recovering the infected data.

Join our live 30-minute demo hosted by Alpika Singh, Technical Marketing Architect at Rubrik, to see Ruby in action.