GitGuardian: Solving The Secrets Management Puzzle

GitGuardian: Solving The Secrets Management Puzzle


Secrets sprawl is showing no signs of a slowdown. Last month, we revealed 1 in 10 code authors exposed a secret on GitHub in 2022, collectively leaking 10 million secrets (you read that right, T-E-N) on the platform.

This time, we're stepping beyond the data. We went on a (virtual) field trip and asked 500+ CISOs and engineering leaders how they currently deal with hardcoded secrets, how they intend to solve their organization's secrets management puzzle, their top priorities and investment areas in AppSec and Dev tooling, and many other questions!

We've also assembled a panel of guest speakers we picked for their expertise in secrets management and developer-led security! Join us to hear from:

  • James Governor, Co-founder & Analyst at RedMonk
  • Andrei Predoiu, DevOps Engineer at Bestseller

They'll comment on the findings and engage in a lively discussion with Mackenzie Jackson, Security Advocate at GitGuardian.

Don't miss your chance to interact with peers, ask questions, and participate in a draw to win GitGuardian prizes! Save your seat now!