Forescout: Expose Unmanaged Devices Across Your Digital Terrain

Forescout: Expose Unmanaged Devices Across Your Digital Terrain


The growth and exposure of IoT devices and their connectivity with Building Automation Systems (BAS) devices offer attackers alternative ways to compromise business continuity for a financial institution: attackers do not need to reach and compromise critical servers directly, they can exploit IoT/BAS to compromise the infrastructure around them, by e.g. shutting down power or cooling of server rooms; they can compromise physical access control systems to gain unauthorized to buildings or rooms, or to prevent authorized personnel from accessing them; or they can disrupt HVAC or elevator systems on a hot day causing health and safety concerns.

In this webinar, Daniel Trivellato, VP of Product and Engineering at Forescout, analyzes the risks posed by these exposed and unmanaged devices connected to your critical processes.

Find out:

- Which devices may be a threat to your operational continuity

- How Forescout can help you reduce operational and security risks in IoT/BAS or OT/ICS environments

- How to get a quick demonstration of this value