Forescout: Building Cyber Resiliency for Your OT Network

Forescout: Building Cyber Resiliency for Your OT Network


In manufacturing and critical infrastructure networks, the risks stemming from the increased use of Industrial IoT devices for process measurements and control and the connectivity of OT and IT systems for efficiency and automation makes critical process networks more exposed. Without proper visibility into OT networks and devices, it is impossible for OT organizations to determine the extent and impact of a breach on the IT network to critical processes, and may cause preventive and very costly shutdowns like in the case of Colonial pipelines.

The recent OT:ICEFALL report (link) demonstrates that attackers don’t even need to rely on zero-day vulnerabilities to compromise IoT/BAS/OT devices, they can simply rely on their “insecurity by design”. These devices need an increased level of visibility and monitoring, to ensure they remain secure and potential intrusions do not impact business and operational continuity.

In this webinar, Daniel Trivellato, Forescout VP Product and Engineering, analyzes the risks posed by these exposed and unmanaged devices connected to your critical processes.

Find out:

- Which devices may be a threat to your operational continuity

- How Forescout can help you reduce operational and security risks in IoT/BAS or OT/ICS environments

- How to get a quick demonstration of this value